Why is Technical SEO important for E-Commerce Product Pages websites?

Ecommerce SEO to increase shoppingSearch Engine Optimization is improving the website’s quality and quantity to increase its searchability and visibility to the clients. It is the simplified practice of optimizing the content, so it appears on the top of the diverse search engine result pages for organic search by online users. Optimized SEO strategies are helping the website to get more web traffic and generating leads for the business. Technical SEO for ecommerce product Pages is an emerging, broad, and exciting area covering sitemaps, JavaScript, crawling, indexing, meta tags, keywords searches, etc. In other words, Technical Search Engine Optimization refers to the optimization of your site for crawling traffic and indexing and technical processes to improve organic search results. It helps boost the website’s ranking by making a website faster, crawlable, and understandable for the different online searchers.

Technical SEO helps to match advanced search engines’ technical requirements to get organic traffic and enhance ranking. It includes essential elements like crawling, indexing, rendering, website structure, etc. It performs with website content as its foremost objective is to optimize its site infrastructure and functions away from the scope and channelizes only the e-commerce website’s technical aspects to rank it better on the search engines.

Features of Technically Optimized Website

The technically optimized websites have the following features to boost the visibility and searchability of the e-commerce website:

  • Provides faster web page load speed
  • Examines backlinks to lift the ranking and utilizes inbound linking strategies to promote web pages
  • Secure and contains structured data
  • Makes a simple crawling process for search engine robots
  • Improves website position with semantic optimization and avoids duplicate data
  • Does not include dead or broken links
  • Offers an XML sitemap for easier access

Importance of Technical SEO for ECommerce Product Pages Websites

Technical SEO for ecommerce product pages is a systematized procedure of optimizing the crawling, indexing, rendering stages of your website to present at the top of the Search Engine Result Pages. E-Commerce is the fastest growing online sector to meet the needs of window shoppers or online visitors. The SEOs need to implement technical SEO practices that enhance e-commerce websites’ ranking on different search engines. It provides an overall exclusive user experience to the clients.

The essentiality of Technical SEO for ecommerce product pages website can describe by the following tips or recommendations:


The optimized website structure helps the window shoppers to perform a convenient search for products at your website. An expert SEO will keep the crucial products not more than three clicks away from the homepage as it helps to keep clients engaged with the website. An ideal and precise website structure is as follows:

Homepage > Types > Subtypes > Products

The SEOs must avoid involving subtypes in different sites. The products will categorize in the right way and not belong to several groups to offer a convenient user experience. The URL structure should also contain the same keywords, as shown in the content, to make the user search successful. The URL should not exceed its length of more than 160 characters, and it is clear and consistent. A well-defined, transparent, reliable, and precise website structure attracts more web traffic to the site and enhances its sales.


Sitemaps like XML and HTML help search engines find out the most searchable and crawlable web pages. These are a crucial element for e-commerce websites as it assists in enhancing SERPs ranking for different web pages relevant to specific keywords and phrases. It helps in understanding the crawlability and website structure.

An HTML Sitemap is a user-accessible list of pages present on the website that permits users to conduct a quick search for their necessities. It is a navigational feature that helps e-commerce websites ranking. It offers various navigation platforms to customers where they want to go.

An XML Sitemap is an invitation to crawl an URL. Creating XML Sitemaps for an e-commerce website helps business people to earn a boost to their Search Engine Optimization performance. It increases visibility and an overall ranking of the site at various search engines. It supports the invitation to the search engine robots to crawl a website generated by SEO developers.


Canonical Tags are the best and reliable solution to discover duplicate content on the website. It informs various search engines like Google to crawl a website and what URL to index under a specific web page. The Canonical Tags offer the following benefits to e-commerce websites:

  • It helps to identify which URL people want to see in search results
  • They simplify chasing media for various products
  • It provides signals for duplicate or similar content and manages it
  • Gives accurate, structured, and reliable reports

It is a simple HTML element that allows Google which URL should display and crawl in different search results. The Canonical Tag is the best tool to avoid duplication and the Google penalty. It is beneficial to implement for e-commerce websites as these sites contain hundreds of identical pages as it identifies the duplicate content which lowers the ranking. It makes it possible to replicate blogs from one website to another without copying content.


Robot.txt works as a guide for search engine robots. It is a fundamental file that tells search engine bots to which pages and content the website owner does not want them to search or crawl. It is best to use robots.txt files if you do not wish specific files and content listed by Google or other search engines.

The robots.txt has the following benefits for e-commerce websites:

  • Index or crawl specific web pages or a whole website
  • Index specific files like videos, PDFs, images on the website
  • Avoid duplicate content to appear on Search Engine Result Pages
  • Index or crawl the entire sections of the website
  • Maximize your crawl budget

Adding robots.txt to the e-commerce websites offer a crawl-friendly user site. It keeps your site updated whenever you are making any addition to your content. It makes your content much more efficient for various search engine bots.


SEO EcommerceLike Google, the search engine considers page speed as a significant factor for the website’s ranking. It means that web pages with low load speed will get less web traffic and revenue. The page speed measures the loading time taken by the content on the URL. Window shoppers do not like the web page’s low loading speed, so there is a need for an SEO to take necessary steps to boost the page speed.

The following are the ways to improve page speed and e-commerce site ranking:

  • Reduce thumbnail image size
  • Use a fast and reliable hosting
  • Use pop-ups carefully
  • Ease up on homepage slides
  • Lessen your codes
  • Look for out of box e-commerce platform
  • Use CDN or content delivery network
  • Compress and decrease image size and number
  • Lower redirects and broken links
  • Perform testing and mobile optimization
  • Beware of excessively liquid loops
  • Measure the benefits of installing another app at your website


Structured data uses to enhance the e-commerce website’s products in the search results through rich snippets. The optimized structured data offers you better chances for your website’s higher ranking at different search engines. This data provides added details to search engines to enhance visibility, click-through rates, and ranks. The structured data include the following forms:

  • Product or service name
  • Collective rating
  • Availability
  • Pricing

Here are the different ways to use structured data to enhance your e-commerce website:

  • optimized microdata
  • product markup at product category pages
  • appropriate video schema
  • @graph
  • product availability schema
  • price attribute
  • review and product markup
  • review body to markup review text
  • free online JSON editor

Optimum classification of the website’s content offers more clarity to the search engine bots to crawl smoothly. It enhances the search engine experience, and search engines index your content effectively to rank them better on various search engine result pages.


A dominated Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificate is an encrypted connection between the user and the website. It is a secure and safe session behind the screen without disturbing online visitors’ search experience. Without SSL, there are more chances that hackers can attack your transmission process to steal your valuable data. SSL certificate is a security and protection layer to protect data transmission from your browser to the webserver.

Here are the following reasons to add SSL certificates for your e-commerce websites:

  • Helps in accepting payments securely
  • Protects password logins
  • Secures web forms
  • Give a critical boost to SEO
  • Protects customer data
  • enhances brand trust to customers
  • Secure your website from hackers
  • Prevents hackers

While searching online a website, if you see a green padlock in front of the URL in the search bar, it means the website has an SSL certificate.


Search engines like Google consider mobile optimization of a website as a base for indexing, crawling, and ranking the site. Here is a list of main ways which an e-commerce company can use to enhance ROI and conversions for the website:

  • Take the mobile-friendly test and evaluate the mobile usability report
  • Use a top navigation menu
  • Show trending products in a collage format
  • Add mobile rich snippets to your website
  • Make the checkout process perfect and creative
  • Add a click-to-text on your website and ask users to join your smartphone group
  • Offer diverse options for browsing and searching
  • Speed up your site and AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Leverage the power of mobile analytics
  • Create products video demos

Mobile optimization is facing tremendous growth in popularity as there is a drastic rise in people using internet surfing on their mobile devices or smartphones.


Google Analytics is a technical SEO tool as it helps in showing you the source of arriving traffic on the website and how it interacts with the website. Proper installation of Google Analytics helps your site enhance conversions and long-time staying of shoppers on the site.

Google Analytics helps the e-commerce website in the following manner:

  • Offers the ability to an e-commerce site to classify the shoppers based on their consumer-behavior who add products and services into their carts
  • Assist customer acquisition for the website
  • Helps to decrease the bounce rate to offer a better user experience
  • Helps in conducting long-term performance comparison
  • Campaigns tracking and evaluation of the site
  • Assist competitor analysis in standing out your site from competitors

Google Analytics for web-based business will help you not just track information, for example, traffic sources, bob rate, and transformation rate. Yet, it will likewise assist you with recognizing any boundaries to buy consistently.


Boost sales with SEOTechnology advancements have hugely affected the web-based business world, changing how customers associate with brands and shop more successfully. Driven by the comfort of getting items conveyed to your doorstep, online business has become an essential part of regular daily existence.

E-Commerce is quicker than any time in recent years, and clients can get anything at the snap of a catch, all thanks to the latest technology. Presently clients can follow their orders, grab the best deals, and considerably more. With this advancement, new business openings are rising. The following recent trends are essential for e-commerce websites:

  • Omni-channel presence
  • The gradual shift to mobile
  • AI and chatbots for e-commerce interactions
  • The quick and easy checkout process
  • Extensive personalization
  • Image search
  • Conversational marketing

Many successful e-commerce businesses take the latest technologies to understand better what consumers want and deliver them efficiently helps your companies earn more traffic and sales.


You will get an edge over competitors just when you practice all the previously mentioned tips for your site’s smooth working. These tips allow you to follow systematic and functional Technical SEO for ecommerce product pages as it offers the following advantages:

  • Improve search visibility
  • Increase website usability
  • Enhance conversion rates
  • Progress optimum keyword distribution


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