Voice Search SEO: Why should be content optimized for Voice Search?

Voice Search SEOVoice Search is becoming one of the latest and fastest new trends in electronics. Voice search is a function that permits the users to search the Web using search engines through spoken voice commands rather than typing. This function can be used both on desktops and mobile searches by the users. It changes how Google handles search queries, how users search for the information they need, and even searchers’ attitudes towards different search engines.

The Voice Search is a performance by users via hands-free voice commands on several mobiles and operating systems or by clicking or tapping on the microphone icon present at the search engines field. It is a speech recognition technology to search terms by saying aloud rather than typing it into the search field. The applications of Voice Search are used as follows:

  • Making search engine queries
  • Searching for material in audio or video files
  • Voice dialing
  • Requesting specific information
  • Clarifying specifics of the request
  • Launching programs and choosing options

History about Voice Search

Google Voice Search or Search by Voice was born in Google labs, where Google engineers play around with new inventions and ideas, many of which become popular. The introduction of IBM’s Watson in 2010 opened a path for voice technology devices. Watson is a robust voice recognition computer system that shocked the world as a super-intelligent, thoughtful, and talking robot that could beat Trivia grandmasters on a TV quiz show. In the following year, Google released its Voice Search, and Apple launched Siri for the iPhone 4s in October 2011, the first digital particular assistant. Rapidly following Google launched Google Now in May 2012.

Other years passed, and in 2014, Microsoft unveiled Cortana, and Amazon Echo released a voice speaker powered by the personal digital assistant, Alexa. The smart speaker Google Home and Google Assistant launched in 2016. Now we have got Bixby of Samsung too. In the technological era, the voice search technology encoded everything from mobile phones to laptops to watches and personal home devices. Practically everyone requires a virtual assistant to make their life easier and comfortable.

The benefits of Voice Search for search

Voice recognition technology becomes most prevalent, accurate, and versatile as users are starting to realize the further advantages of using voice commands for search. The following are the top-most reasons behind using voice-activated speakers by users as it:

  • Consents them to perform multitasks more conveniently
  • Empowers them to do things much faster than other devices
  • Makes their daily life easier
  • Permits them to get answers and information instantly
  • Enhances customer management
  • Raises brand awareness and visibility
  • Connects better with users

Approaches to Optimize your Content for Voice Search 

In the tremendous revolution of Voice Search, where the competition is stiffer, many SEO’s and marketers are making their habit of optimizing their content frequently. It will help them get higher rankings for voice searches and enhance the website’s web traffic.

With the quantum rise in voice search, it is critical to creating content optimizing with it. The below-mentioned strategies will help you rank better for Voice Search and create a sound voice search optimization strategy:

Optimize Content in Natural and Conversational Language

By optimizing natural language content, we mean understanding how language individuals use voice search and what type of sound-enabled voice. Voice Search Algos uses data, location, and several data points to recognize the search context; SEO has to dig deeper to know the consumer behavior and language. With the emerging trend of a reliable voice recognition system, the voice technology adapted to follow up the everyday language to experience as they are commanding a human.

Being natural or conversational is a primary feature of voice search, and we should keep it in mind while preparing content. We can benefit immensely by natural language in which we write or publish our data on the webpage. For any areas of possible confusion, recent technologies are seeking to improve the user experience. There is a vast scope of matching as a solution for verbal queries when there is a natural language.

Target Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

SEO specialists must use long-tail keyword phrases with the added benefit of more conversion rates for the website. Voice Searches are lengthier than searches on a keyword due to their informal style. Long-tail keywords with fillers are focusing on to perform best in voice search ranking of the website. These queries are often quite specific, and many sites overlook them in favor of short, more semantic search queries.

Spoken search queries are more conversational and reflect how people talk in everyday life than typed search. It is essential to use or target long-tail keyword and phrases to better rank for the client’s queries and appear at the top in search results. These keywords are significantly cheaper and boast much better click-through rates than shorter questions. Voice queries are usually not faster; they comprise more than three or four keyword searches, more familiar to Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Create Content for Question Words

When a user asks questions, they typically commence with “what,” “who,” “where,” “how,” “when,” and “why.” Usually, these omit in written searches. The voice searchers are looking for the answers to fulfill the immediate need. To answer all these user questions, you must prepare an FAQ page for the website and start each item with these adverbs. Make sure that your site is mechanically sound and include sounds from a performance perspective.

Google will frequently provide the required information via featured snippets so that you won’t prepare sites with irrelevant responses to the queries as these adversely affect the rankings of the website. You need to listen cautiously to what a person is speaking. Once you collected their questions and phrases, you can create relevant content for them. As per SEO clarity, 20% of voice searches activated by just 25 keywords. These involve questioning words and other common verbs like, make, do and can, key nouns and adjectives.

Provide Context with Schema Metadata

Google understands languages with schema metadata or markups, and these are an excellent source for you to enhance the ranking of the website. Usage of the schema to mark up your content and express the search engine about your website. Schema is a markup language that permits webmasters and site owners to provide additional information to search engines. It assists users in getting detailed and relevant information for their searches.

Schema Metadata helps or allows you to more expansively describe what the data or information present on your website means. It makes it modest for Google to understand the search query language to boost your visibility and ranking. Schema Markup or Metadata is a factor that does not directly improve your order but giving you an edge over your competitors. It helps search engines to unify and classify your content for the convenience of users.

Leverage Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Listing is the way to let Google know the particular location of your business.  The more current information in your Google My Business Listing is, your site is the more useful and relevant for the prospective customers, especially for those searching for “near me” service on mobiles. Voice technology has increased emphasis on the use of local search. When consumers use voice search, they are three times more likely to conduct a local search for queries.

Even details like whether parking is available are persuasive, so make sure that your Google My Business Listing is up-to-date, comprehensive, and complete as possible. Names, addresses, contact numbers must include in your business listing process for improving user’s experience. Moreover, you can add business categories, area code, posts with special deals, news, or updates to make your business stand out from competitors.

Make your Site Mobile-Friendly

Mobile devices allow users to make on-the-go local search queries. Voice searches primarily happen on mobiles, so your site must be mobile-friendly. Mobile quickly hits other devices when it comes to search voice queries as most verbal questions being asked on mobile by the user. It would help if you made your site hostile to mobile to enhance or offer a fantastic user experience.

To create a mobile-friendly website, you must keep the following points in your mind:

  • Create a mobile-responsive website.
  • Conduct a mobile-friendly test for your site and improve consequently.
  • The website must crawlable to ensure visibility and exposure to your content.

In concerned to voice search, it is essential to remember that mobile and local searches go hand-in-hand. Mobile is the future of investigations, and for the success of SEO activities, it cannot ignore. Always create a mobile-responsive website for the best user experience.

Optimizing Ad Campaigns for ‘Near Me’ Searches

If you are promoting your locally focused business with AdWords, you must use the location extension of AdWords. It is a powerful or influential tool to ensure that your ads are displaying to the highly-motivated visitors and permits you to show your business’s address, name, contact info, and directions indicated with ads. It is a vital and helpful source if you want to be at the top of the ‘near me’ searches. This is an additional step to enhance your visibility to ‘near me’ inquiries as the users opt the voice searches over typed searches.

Along with AdWords location extension to enhance visibility using local search ads in Google maps is another essential technology to reach the right person, at the right time or the correct location. These ordinary ads appear at the top of the organic results in Google maps and help drive more foot traffic at your store or place. It is a critical technique to optimize your site for voice search.

Reasons for invest in voice searches

Tools like Google Home and Amazon Echo make their way into houses. Voice search will continue to grow as devices became more sophisticated and interconnected in everyday life. To keep your company up to date with advanced technology, you must optimize for voice searches. The following are the reasons behind investment in voice searches: –

Helps you to reach more shoppers

To maximize your online potential or increase the number of consumers on the website, you need to influence voice search. Making voice search optimization part of your business strategy helps you sell more and increase your revenue. Already the generation opted the voice searches as an essential part of their everyday life for business, product, and information. If you have appropriate voice optimization searches, you will help your business connect with more clients to boost the revenue.

Predicted to keep growing

Voice search is an emerging trend in today’s modern and advanced era, and various studies show that it is a projected growth in popularity and usage in the future. So adopting voice search optimization is an indispensable source of investment for your business. Voice search is getting better at recognizing what people require, and your company has chances to flourish with it.

Enhance customer experience

“Shopper is the king of the market and heart of the business.” Voice searches allow potential clients to get information easily and quickly. In the busy schedule of life, the voice search makes the experience of clients comfortable. If you provide them with reasonable answers rapidly, it enhances their experience.

Drives traffic to your business and website

When a user does a voice search, the device will deliver them with a link to your website if your page contains relevant information. Then he visits your site to get more information about your business. If they perform this action repeatedly, it helps drive traffic to your website.

SEO optimization of Voice commands

Impacts your Voice Search SEO

Voice searches alter the way people search and impact how people find your business online. Voice Search SEO is now an essential part of search engine optimization. If you are using SEO optimization services, it is necessary to know that voice searches affect your SEO. To raise your probabilities of appearing in the featured snippets, you need to create content to answer directly and quickly.



The voice search functionality increases rapidly, and consumers become more familiar with everything it does. With it, we can expect its popularity to grow. The majority of mobile users began to incorporate voice searches into their everyday lives to make their lives more comfortable and manageable. So it will be required to optimize the website content for voice search SEO.



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