Shopify and SEO: 9 Tips to Increase Sales of Shopify Store

Shopify and SEOSEO or Search Engine Optimization is getting a prominent position in improving any business’s performance on different search engines. Nowadays, the generation is more addicted to online or electronic media to perform various sale and purchase transactions for goods and services. Professional SEO assists multiple organizations in standing out from the competitors available in digital marketing. SEO is a significant traffic-driving channel for various business websites to boost their sales and revenue.

Shopify is one of the best, reliable, fast, and responsive ecommerce platforms preferred by many business organizations to enhance their presence electronically. Shopify allows businesses to generate an online shopping website for stores and its interconnection with all related processes for their success. It is more accessible with its unique features like several themes, templates, professional design, friendly interface, and ease of use.

Shopify and SEO go hand-by-hand mean much of the Shopify store’s success depends on the proper implementation of SEO strategies. SEO helps increase site traffic, boost sales, convert leads, and generate more revenue for the Shopify Store. It makes a unique identity of the store at multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. These search engines will rank your store at the top position by evaluating the SEO factors and services you use.


Shopify and SEO are the perfect online marketing strategy to meet the needs of online customers or searchers. These stores help generate a unique identity for online websites on different search engines, which help clients get what they want to accomplish their needs. The below listed are some of the extensive characteristics of the Shopify store:

  • Should have a mobile-friendly site design
  • Follows an easy checkout process
  • Has CTA or call-to-action buttons
  • Offers a fast loading website
  • Has multichannel storefronts
  • Provides competitive shipping policies
  • Displays quality product images and product description
  • Provides multiple payment options
  • Follows special promotion offers
  • Provides 24/7 customer support


It is very convenient to open an account for your online business on the Shopify Store. Both beginners or expert can create the Shopify account by following up the following process:

Create an account on the Shopify admin page

Describe more details about your products and services

Tailor your online or digital store

Hand-picked the best template or theme for your store

Furthermore, customize the layout of the website

Upload the products and services on the site

Distribute your products and services as per the same features

Set up the payment options for clients

Get more information about the shipping and tax policies

Frequently check your order capturing process

Modify your domain name

Perform periodical audit or checks to ensure success


Shopify and SEO play a significant role in the Shopify store’s success or profitability. If the store has more sales, it means it will fetch more revenue and popularity. Every online business owner must follow adequate policies and plans to ensure its overall growth and expansion over an ecommerce platform. These ecommerce platforms work as pillars to establish your business’s unique identity in different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The following are the useful tips to increase the sales of the Shopify Store:


Referral marketing is an advertising or promotional strategy in which the businesses offer rewards or incentives to the customers who refer them to others. In this, happy or loyal customers advocate your business, share their positive experiences with new or potential customers. The companies offer incentives like bonuses, exclusive discounts, coupons, store credits, or other valuable things.

Referral Marketing is effective, highly influential, relatively low in cost, and high in reward long-term business strategy. Various referral marketing tools or widgets on your website automatically launch when you perform sales. It will result in bringing loyal customers to your website for the long term, and they will more likely visit and shop from your store regularly. Referral marketing is perfect for the Shopify store for the following reasons:

  • Easy to implement or follow
  • Handles your online emails
  • Offers new incentives to the clients
  • Social-media friendly
  • Cost-effective marketing procedure
  • Brings positive reviews and responses
  • Creates more loyal shoppers
  • Helps to find out influencers
  • Enhances brand trust
  • Makes customization easier


Upselling and cross-selling are both beneficial factors if adequately implemented by the Shopify store. It provides more value to the consumers, boosts revenue without recurring any marketing channel costs. Cross-selling and upselling both focus on providing additional value to the customers. The businesses deliver appropriate recommendations to the clients based on their purchasing history to enhance sales.

By upselling, we mean the practice to encourage customers to purchase a comparable high-end product, and cross-selling means to invite customers to buy complementary products with the selected one product. The following are the benefits of upselling and cross-selling for the Shopify store:

  • Offers flexibility, reliability, and convenience to the customers
  • Helps to increase return on investment or ROI
  • Boosts customer loyalty
  • Helps to boost revenue
  • Enhances the customer lifetime value
  • Balances the growth between existing and fresh customers
  • Increases an average purchasing order value
  • Improves product promotion
  • Increases the conversion rate


By social proofing means most of the client’s buying behavior depends on social media. It means online shoppers check the other buyers’ responses or reviews on the website and then choose to buy or not purchase the product from a particular business. Others’ buying behavior influences the user, and the Shopify stores also utilize this phenomenon to boost their sales and revenue. It helps to improve your brand on the ecommerce platform. Following are the types of social proof used by an ecommerce platform:

  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Expert views
  • Social media presence
  • User-generated content
  • Inline social proof

The below-listed are specific ways to add social proof to the Shopify store

  • Custom genuine data and actual customers
  • Show your current sales on the website.
  • Display your product reviews.
  • Apply the real stock numbers and data.
  • Displays the number of shoppers.
  • Add a “Featured In” section on your website.
  • Add well-placed, actual, and short references on your website.


Customer retention on the Shopify store means collecting activities used by a business to increase repeat customer’s numbers for the store. The higher the customer retention rate indicates, the more elevated the Shopify store’s growth and enhances each existing customer’s profitability. The following are effective ways to increase the customer retention rate for the Shopify store:

  • Repeat buyer discount grows more lifetime order values to the clients, and they become repeat customers.
  • Improve your packaging to attract more potential customers to your website to make them the actual buyers.
  • Conducting regular email communication helps in keeping your customers engaged.
  • Surprising and delighting the customers also go a very long way.
  • Shopping cart abandonment emails sent a reminder to the clients to recover their cart.
  • Retargeting is another essential way to retain your customers for the Shopify store.
  • Creating a loyalty program allows clients to earn points for their purchases, and they remain stick to the store.
  • Reviews also help clients to decide to buy the products.
  • Send birthday emails to clients as they feel special and stick to your brand or company.
  • Responsiveness to social media also helps clients’ engagement.


Shopify and SEO is the best combination for an ecommerce platform to provide a smooth mobile user experience. The mobile-friendliness of the website means when the site is convenient and comfortable to view and navigate from all devices like laptops,  mobiles, smartphones, desktops, tablets, etc. Here are the followings steps which the Shopify store owner follows to make his store mobile-friendly:

  • Make your website more responsive to the product and service queries of the shoppers
  • Avoid the usage of flash as it slows down the loading speed of the website
  • Turn on the autocorrect option for a more convenient shopping experience for customers
  • Use standard font size for a better reading experience of the clients
  • Make your information much more straightforward for shoppers to find
  • Involve the viewport meta tag to make your site accessible on mobile devices
  • Ensure the appropriate size of the buttons to work on mobile by the customers
  • Frequently perform mobile testing to ensure the performance of the mobile site
  • Add appropriately sized images and CSS
  • Make it convenient for the shoppers to shift to the desktop view from the mobile view


Storytelling is an emerging trend to perform effective marketing by the Shopify stores, and it brings a boost in sales and revenue of the store. It helps in building trust for your brand to the shoppers. Human beings preferred stories to get reliable information about the Shopify store’s product and services, and storytelling is the best and effective option. It is an opportunity to connect with customers emotionally. Here are some tips to follow to use the storytelling option for the Shopify store:

  • To make storytelling beneficial, determine the audience for your story
  • Ensure your story has a goal to compete with competitors
  • Make all kinds of emotions for the reader in your story
  • Tell a report to your readers can relate to their product query
  • Start writing blogs to share your information with the public at large
  • Make impressive videos to get your words out there for more convenience of the shoppers
  • Deliver a gateway to the clients to share their story with others


We mean those carts by abandoned cart when an individual adds any product or service in his cart but does not follow other purchasing processes. The Shopify store must remove these abandoned carts as it helps in increasing the sales of the store. There are multiple reasons behind cart abandonment as per the needs of the clients. Following are the tips to avoid cart abandonment:

  • Provide a diverse range of payment options to the clients
  • Make your checkout process more accessible and convenient
  • Offering the best free shipping options
  • Frequent communication with those customers who abandon carts
  • Providing multiple incentives to the shoppers for generating an account with your Shopify store

The Shopify store must send a recovery email to the shoppers when they neglect the shopping after the checkout process. This email contains a link which helps the clients to complete their buying process.


A well-organized reward program followed by the Shopify store helps attract more clients, retain the customers, encourage more purchases, and boost sales and revenue. The reward or loyalty programs offer multiple benefits and exclusive offers to the Shopify store’s loyal or repeat customers. Whenever the customer purchases something, he will get a reward with it. The following are the benefits of the reward program offered by the Shopify store:

  • It makes the competition smooth and accessible among businesses
  • Helps to retain customers for a long run
  • Enhance the customer lifetime value
  • Create and maintain personal relationships
  • Generate brand advocates
  • Allows to collect valuable information
  • It attracts new customers to the store


Shopify and SEO use Google Shop Ads as the best option to attract new customers to the Shopify store and enhance its overall sales. These ads offer complete and comprehensive information to the customers regarding the business, price, merchant bio, payment options, discount offers, etc. The Google ads show your products at a higher position on the search engine result pages as per its relevancy and reliability.

Google follows the following campaigns for advertising various products at various search engine result pages:

  • Branded search
  • Non-branded search
  • Competitor search
  • Google shopping
  • Retargeting
  • Remarketing
  • Display ads

These Google campaigns offer a particular platform to the Shopify store to enhance its visibility to its online shoppers, sales, and overall revenue.





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