Seven Tips for Shopify SEO Services

Shopify SEO ServicesIn today’s recent technical era of modernizations, most people prefer to shop for their required things by sitting in their places rather than physically going to the malls or stores. Electronic Commerce and Mobile Commerce is the best way for a convenient and comfortable shopping experience for online shoppers. We have a vast and comprehensive range of eCommerce platforms and apps for a much exciting buying experience. The top eCommerce platforms of 2020 are as follows:

  • Shopify and Shopify plus
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Big Cartel
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Volusion

Shopify is top-notch and a premium leading eCommerce platform in the digital market.  This eCommerce platform has unique features like easy accessibility, Amazon integration, hosting, pricing plans, and a perfect choice for newcomers or freshers in the eCommerce industry. It provides them an easy-to-launch platform to generate a specific eCommerce site for their stores.

Shopify SEO Services is the best option for getting a higher ranking and more comfortable access to your store’s site. It helps rank your eCommerce site at the top in the online shopper’s essence and on different search engines. These services help enhance your website’s search engine visibility and accessibility, resulting in more conversions, leads, and sales for the eCommerce store or Shopify store. In simple words, Shopify SEO Services helps in climbing up the online store, outranking the competitors, enhancing conversion rates, sales, and revenue for an eCommerce store.


Customized or tailored Shopify SEO services deliver sustainable and reliable results to the clients. Quality SEO services help gain more leads and conversions from your eCommerce site and make it more fruitful. The following are features of these services:

  • Consultation: It offers a valuable and reliable suggestion for better web performance and positive results.
  • Research: It conducts analysis for the latest updates and emerging trends in the industry.
  • Audit: It frequently performs site audits and checks for site improvement.
  • Plans: It comes with sufficient planning for a successful SEO campaign.
  • Strategies: It selects the best approach with the implementation of SEO guidelines.
  • Implementation: It applies appropriate quality and consistent techniques.
  • Monitoring: It utilizes significant matrices to monitor web performance.
  • Analysis: It completes an exhaustive study of the collected information.


Shopify is an excellent opportunity if you want to keep things simple, and it is a good platform for SEO. This eCommerce platform is SEO-friendly and has different in-built features to run an eCommerce store successfully for a long time. In this post, we will cover the vital seven tips for Shopify SEO services, which are as follows:


Secure Socket Layer or SSL is the website standard that secures your eCommerce store website by encrypting the server and the shopper’s interactions. It offers the necessary techniques for the Shopify store and online searcher to safely perform the browsing session with codes. It helps secure clients’ critical information like their debit or credit card numbers by representing these into disordered numbers, alphabets, and signs.

Shopify SEO with SSL is an excellent start. It offers a secure shopping experience to the customers and offers a reliable website to search engines like Google for ranking it on several Search Engine Result Pages. The Shopify SEO SSL has the following benefits for both the shopper and the store:

  • Encrypts the sensitive data: SSL helps the Shopify store to encrypt the sensitive data of customers like login credentials, payment details, pins of debit or credit cards, etc. It helps to keep information secure between the shopper and server only and does not share it with any third-party.
  • Authentic Shopify servers: The Shopify store’s SSL certification shows an exact Shopify server to communicate visitors with the store. It provides authentication to the store to connect to an accurate store and escapes you from deceptive web servers.
  • Builds trust: SSL certification builds trust among the customers by offering them a secure website. This certification is also one of the ranking factors taken into consideration by Google to rank your Shopify store higher on the Search Engine Result Pages.


Google Search Console is a free service provided by Google to monitor the Shopify store website performance on Google. Google Search Console helps Shopify store to:

  • Confirms that Google find, crawl, and rank your Shopify store website
  • Shows the indexing and crawling issues for the Shopify store
  • Find which website connects backlinks to your Shopify store website
  • Requests Google to crawl or re-index specific page of the Shopify store website
  • Reviews the security issues, manual Shopify website actions
  • Discover queries which are responsible for bringing traffic to the Shopify store website
  • Monitor page appearances and positions in various search engine results
  • Helps to compare and measure page performance frequently

The Shopify stores use the following process or procedure to open an account with Google Search Console:

1: Log in or sign up to the Google Search Console with your store’s Google account and then click on the “Add Property” button.

2: Enter your Shopify Store’s website URL.

3: Now, it’s time to verify your website. You have HTML File, CNAME or TXT Record, and HTML Code Snippet options to choose from for website verification.

4: You will get a code, do right-click, and then copy this code.

5: Log into your Shopify store 🡪 Click Themes 🡪 Click on Actions, and select the Edit Code option.

6: Go to your theme.liquid.file and paste your code here.

7: Save it and go back to Google Search Console 🡪Click verify.


Shopify Apps are website applications that enhance the functionality of the Shopify store. The apps have features like easy-to-access, portable, reliable, cloud-ready, intelligently-designed, and cost-effective. These apps bring regular traffic to the Shopify store that works as a lifeblood of any eCommerce platform. The following are some of the standard requirements for all Shopify store apps:

  • Limited and forbidden app outlines
  • Appropriate installation and setup
  • Proper security and merchant risk
  • Definite app listing
  • High-quality and functionality
  • Effective support
  • Data and user privacy
  • Diversified sales channels
  • Online store

These apps are benefitting the Shopify store in the following ways:

  • Excellent to access information regarding the Shopify store
  • Performs all activities that a possessor does on the admin panel
  • Focuses on long term right people and do personalized advertisements
  • Performs multiple tasks on your mobile devices
  • Offers a comprehensive range of options for advertising to the Shopify store
  • Helps to improve the brand image on the different social media platforms
  • The Shopify apps are scalable and offer a better consumer experience
  • Saves a lot of time and money efforts
  • Reduces errors and data duplications
  • Makes your site smarter and better insights
  • The best Shopify apps are custom, low-priced, and simple




Site speed also acts as a vital signal in the success of Shopify SEO services. It means that the Shopify website’s loading time to load the information for users.  Page or site speed is a signal used by multiple search engines for ranking your Shopify store on multiple Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). A faster site results in higher conversions, rank and decreasing the bounce rate of the site. Following are the helpful or essential tips to boost site speed for your Shopify store:

  • Remove the Shopify apps which you are not using
  • Please avoid the use of sliders as it adds space and not suitable for search engine
  • Avoid the usage of high-resolution images on your Shopify website
  • Select the best and fast theme
  • Manage the installed apps Optimizely on the Shopify store
  • Utilize device-responsive themes
  • Compress the image size by using the appropriate compression tools
  • Avoid the usage of a large number of web fonts on your Shopify store
  • Use Accelerated Mobile Pages for the fast loading version of your site
  • Select the better server response time for the Shopify store

Fine-grain control over the site speed needs to use the best Shopify servers and its templates. The faster your Shopify site more likely, the customers will stick to your website and become loyal clients for the Shopify stores.


By product pages, we mean the Shopify website page, which explains the full explanation like product name, brand, pricing, features, shipping or return policies, etc., for the product. We consider the following four characteristics helpful to create an excellent product page:

  • Product: By product attribute, we provide customers to buy from our store to accomplish their needs.
  • Brand: Brand is a unique name of the product and is essential everywhere. Branding on your product page helps to discover products conveniently.
  • Copywriting: Copywriting means a combination of written information with product and brand to provide information to customers.
  • Page design and user experience: An attractive page design offers a great customer experience to satisfy the needs.

The following are the benefits of Product Pages to the Shopify store website:

  • Helps to reduce return rates by the shoppers
  • Eliminate the cart abandonment
  • Create brand awareness
  • Enhance your business or product visibility on online search results
  • Helpful for social media marketing

The following are the essential elements of optimized product pages:

  • Widely-ranged clear, and high-resolution images
  • Easy-to-read, descriptive and detailed product description
  • Information about color, size, fit, material, pricing of the product
  • Easy to navigate and purchase the product from the standard eCommerce layout store
  • Social media input and call-to-action buttons
  • Independent customer reviews about their purchases from your Shopify store


A 301 redirect for the Shopify store means an SEO factor that helps in site migration from one platform to another to reduce the ‘PAGE NOT FOUND’ and ‘404 ERROR’. For the Shopify store, 301 redirect works when your products are temporarily out of stock to provide a convenient user search experience. It is a powerful SEO tool that tells Google about removing or not working the web page’s working issue to consider while ranking your Shopify store.

To use 301 Redirects on your Shopify store, you have to follow the following process:

  • Open the admin page of the Shopify store website 🡪 Click Navigation button
  • Here, click the URL Redirects tab
  • Put your old URL which you want to direct people shift from
  • Now put the new URL which you want to replace with an older one
  • Now, click add
  • Then, test your redirect link to check its productivity for the customers

The 301 Redirects helps customers to visit the new link, URL, page from the older one URL, association, or page to have the following benefits:

  • Advances the user experience with the Shopify store
  • Supports to improve the customer retention rate at the store website
  • Offers link equity from older pages to redirected pages
  • Eliminate the old URLs from the various search engine indexes


Here are various tips for focusing on user experience. By user experience, we mean adequate and convenient access to the Shopify website or app by the searchers. Enhancing the user experience is the utmost important step, followed by the Shopify store to make their business successful and fruitful. The user experience has the following features:

  • Directly linked with positive Return on Investment for the Shopify store
  • Difference between gaining and losing loyal customers for the Shopify website
  • Shows an enjoyable and easy to navigate performance of the store
  • Use Call-to-actions on every page of the website to convert your leads into paying shoppers
  • Reduce page load time with the optimization of the images and files of the website
  • Successfully utilize your pictures with the written content of the website
  • Provide with highly-responsive designs to reach consumers on different digitally-connected devices
  • Perform steady branding to validate your brand further
  • Utilize AI or Artificially-Intelligent solutions to provide a more excellent user experience

Easy navigation, hassle-free checkout process, adequate support, the user-friendly return policy is responsible for providing a good user experience. It helps to increase conversion rates, enhance customer retention and customer referrals.




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