SEO for Real Estate Agents: 10 Ways to Boost SEO for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate agent SEOReal Estate Agents are the individuals engaged in representing the best real estate properties to the buyers. The real estate agent or broker, or mediator is an intermediary between the real estate property seller and buyer. He helps the buyers purchase the best property to accomplish their needs and sellers to sell them reasonably. The real estate agents or realtors make a contract between purchaser and seller and get commissions for the services rendered to both the parties.

Real Estate Agents perform the following responsibilities to make the real estate business successful:

  • Generate client leads to buy, sell, and lease the property
  • Direct clients on marketing conditions, mortgages, prices
  • Advance a competitive marketing price by comparing properties
  • Generate a list of real estate sale properties with detailed information
  • Display properties to potential buyers and customers
  • Simplifies negotiations between buyers and sellers
  • Review purchase contracts to meet the terms
  • Provide purchase deals to buyers
  • Stimulate real estate properties with ads, listings, and open housings
  • Make acquisition agreements, loyalty contracts, actions, rental agreements, and other forms for each real estate operation

SEO for Real Estate Agents means the process of creating target traffic to improve visibility and awareness of your real estate property to the potential buyers. It helps show your real estate website to visitors searching for buying, selling, leasing, or renting a real estate property. Search Engine Optimization assists in improving the website ranking at various Search Engine Result Pages to offer the convenience of searching or browsing to online visitors.


In the age of the internet, the competition in every sector is increasing. Similarly, the real estate business also applies multiple policies and appoints numerous parties to make itself successful. Real Estate Agents are among the most critical and vital parties to get profitable real estate business outcomes. The below-listed are the traits of successful real estate agents:


Purchasing and selling a real estate property is worrying and nervous for both the sellers and buyers. The real estate business dealings involve the real estate agent’s interaction with various parties with diversified backgrounds and vast knowledge. An agent will be successful only if he is a good communicator, politely explain the complete process, concepts to the customers, and a good listener.


A professional real estate agent must have vast, in-depth, and versatile local knowledge to satisfy its clients. They must reply to any buyer and seller query engaged in selling and buying real estate property. A successful agent must know effective and efficient skills to handle local marketing situations. They focus on local real estate businesses to distinguish themselves from competitors.


A real estate agent must have the quality of tech-savviness. It means he will be aware of the latest trends and technology available for the real estate business. He must have an easy-to-going attitude to handle the updated trends. By tech-savviness of real estate agents, we mean he must know about the online trading of real estate properties, as it is an emerging trend nowadays.


The organized and work with attention to details real estate agent has the more chances to sell a property. They know how to impress clients by making a slight change in their offers to encourage them to buy the stuff they are interested in buying. The real estate agents give detailed info about the prices, location, features, contract terms, etc. to both the parties.


It is essential to have persistent real estate agents to triumph in the real estate business. The sellers and buyers frequently deal with numerous agents to get positive responses. The real estate agent must deliver the best of information to both the parties to satisfy their needs. The real estate agent must have the ability to follow up on a potential lead on the website. They keep a frequent check on the client’s action to achieve the goal.


A real estate agent must dedicate his extraordinary efforts to his grooming. He must have a pleasing personality to interact appropriately with sellers and buyers. He has an engaging personality to show real estate property as per the needs of the clients. Friendly and cordial real estate agents’ behavior relieves clients’ stress regarding selling or buying the property.


The real estate business owners take advantage of the SEO strategy to get the best-desired and positive results. The SEO for Real Estate Agents help in gaining the highest position on different search engine result pages. The professional SEOs create strategies and plan to enhance web traffic, reliability, crawlability, usability, visibility of real estate websites. The below-listed are tips to boost SEO for real estate agents:


The professional SEOs must conduct a frequent SEO audit of the real estate website to check and evaluate its performance. For achieving a successful SEO audit, pay attention to the core items like site structure, page structure, ALT tags, meta descriptions, XML sitemap, redirects, titles, URLs, content, canonical tags, broken links, site speed, etc.

The SEO audit offers the following benefits for the real estate agents or website:

  • Check website load speed
  • Reveals the weaknesses of the company
  • Tells about the proceedings of the competitor firms
  • To create SEO-friendly URLs
  • Enabling the breadcrumbs for your real estate website
  • Make a more comfortable and accessible site navigation
  • Protect your real estate website from Google penalty
  • Make sure the appropriate utilization of multilingual website content


The creation of Google My Business Account for your Real Estate Website is an essential step to boost its performance on various search engine result pages. Google likes more the local businesses and its availability to the local clients. It has the following benefits to boost SEO for Real Estate Agents:

  • GMB helps in the broader exploring of your business in local search queries by the potential clients
  • It helps in making your business more professional and recognized to stand above and beyond the competitors
  • GMB enhances the SEO for mobile search traffic
  • It works as testimonials, and the clients can submit their reviews on your website
  • The mentioned address in GMB used by Google AdWords as ad extensions
  • It shows your business on the top right-hand corner of the Google search page for the relevant search


SEOs write inspirational blogs for your website to help clients get the best results for their perfect home or property searches. The frequent blog posting on your website allows Google to find out your existence on different Search Engine Result Pages to meet online visitors’ needs. Blog writing offers the following advantages to real estate websites:

  • Shows your proficiency in the field of Real Estate
  • Enhances your real estate website’s visibility on various search engines
  • Helps in getting more traffic to your website
  • Manages your site’s engagement on different social media
  • Generates leads for your real estate website
  • Blog writing nurture or grow the leads
  • Inspirational blogs help seller and buyers to act promptly
  • Updated and the latest blogs keep developing web traffic for your site for a long time


Making your website accessible means developing your site so that people with disabilities can use your sites by sitting at their places. It is an essential element to create a high-quality website to assist online visitors’ property searching needs. The Real Estate Website become accessible only if the SEOs follows the below-listed ADA guidelines:

  • Video content with text captions
  • Audio and video descriptions or transcripts
  • No empty links or heading tags
  • Headings appear in a logical manner
  • No rapid flashing or strobe effects present on the website
  • The page title should describe the content and not mislead the users
  • Disable any scrolling, blinking, and flashing on the website

While designing or developing a website, evaluate the accessibility earlier and throughout the process to identify the hurdles, and provide optimum solutions.


By social media engagement, we mean to create business pages and profiles on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. and link it to your website. An appropriate social media strategy and regular updates of images, videos, or content help visit people on your site and boost SEO. It offers the following benefits to real estate websites:

  • Highlights your success stories to the clients
  • Provides industry and market updates
  • Social media provide home tips and renovations tips to clients
  • Reorganizes your communication with clients
  • Discovers new clients and relevant real estate conversions
  • Steps up your webpage to generate more leads
  • Promotes your social media account at every location


Video Content creation helps the Real Estate Websites in the following ways:

  • It is a faster medium to get more leads and conversions for the website
  • Builds trust and relationship with the online visitors
  • Makes your website more reliable and useful for searchers
  • Video content creation helps the client to use more senses to decide a property selling and buying
  • Improves the chances of your website’s discovery by various clients
  • Helps in keeping clients engaged with your website
  • Improves your business offers to the clients in need of searching for a property
  • Video content increases the sales for your real estate business
  • It shows superior property features to the clients


The citations mention your business name, contact info, and address for various search engines. These are the essential elements for ranking your real estate website on search engines like Google. For the real estate web site’s success, real estate directories and data aggregators are the best citation sources. Google utilizes the information from various citation resources to display a relevant result to the online searchers. The citations provides the following advantages to real estate websites:

  • Improves local rankings of the website
  • Dominates page one of search results
  • Helps to earn referral traffic

NAP Consistency, Descriptions, Website Link, Reviews, Photos, Business Category, etc. are the factors to optimize citations.


Online reviews and testimonials are the sources for the decision-making process by potential customers. Nowadays, more customers are searching for your business online and analyzing the existing client’s thoughts to make their buying process successful. The online reviews have the following benefits for the website:

  • It works as a great source of free advertising
  • Online reviews are essential to boost SEO for your business
  • It stimulates the customer’s confidence in your products and services
  • Online reviews play a vital role in a customer’s shopping experience
  • Negative or unfavorable reviews help in getting info about customer’s tastes and preferences
  • It creates a closer relationship with clients


Schema Markup helps in boosting SEO for Real Estate Agents. It is a great way to stand out from your business or website among various competitors. The schema markup:

  • Helps the users to understand the content of your website better
  • Improve your business awareness with a full info graph
  • Grab rich results to enhance the CTR
  • Become suitable for SERP features to get more real estate in the search engine
  • It helps in improving your business ranking
  • Gain a Call-To-Action in the Google search results
  • Makes your website accessible for different search engine’s voice searches
  • Offer a site layout in search
  • Increases the social media following


Nowadays, customers are demanding an easy and straightforward website to have a great online experience. Real Agents can use the following tips to keep their website simple:

  • Keep your website info readily available
  • Maintain your message conciseness but also make it powerful
  • Utilize bullet points to capture more leads
  • Make it easier to scan by online visitors
  • Make it more accessible with less time
  • Convenient to use by the searchers
  • Make it simpler to build and fix quickly
  • Simple website generate trust
  • Simple websites are inexpensive to host by business




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