Are you in need of high-quality ads for your products and services? Do you desire an endless stream of internet traffic? Have you ever heard of Pay per click (PPC)? Are you a novice to PPC or do you have no clue on how it works?

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  • We offer free and efficient campaign services for your brand.
  • We monitor traffic and relay scheduled reports of conversions to you.
  • Our Keyword research gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • You will experience a rapid increase in some calls and emails.
  • And most importantly, our average cost of clicks are customer friendly.

At Jevintech, we are only satisfied when you have fully recovered your investments.

Free conduct an audit of campaigns, niche and website
We provide clear reports of the results
Increase the number of emails and phone calls
Reduce the average cost of clicks and customers
We consider the work done when recouped your investment in advertising


Our customers have a 100% assurance of complete payback on investments from advertising campaigns.
An average click-through-rate. (CTR) of 7%.
A reduced cost per clicks.

In PPC advertising is only one goal - to sell

Pay per click is an active digital tool utilized by brands for online marketing campaigns. It comes in two forms; Cost per-impression and cost per order, both are used to monitor the proficiency and profitability of attacks. Although, cost per order is highly preferred to cost per click as it reveals the competence level of advertisements and campaigns.

Clicks mainly used as a means, to measure online traffic and visitors. Pay per click is fore chosen if the ad aims to generate clicks or drag visitors.

Our process

Analysis of proposed niche
We must research your target market and determine the best mode of the campaign for your target audience.
Strategy Development and Execution
Next, we determine the aim of your campaign, specify your products and services, work out a budget and then develop a qualified plan on how best to achieve a successful campaign. Using attractive ads and keywords, we commence the campaign.
A/B Testing and Tracking
If there is one thing we do not take for granted, it is the A/B testing. We try as much as possible to increase your conversion rate using guarantees, special offers, coupons, etc. We follow up the entire campaign process to ensure that it is useful and productive. If any set back is encountered, we quickly re-strategize.
Reporting and Optimization
Expect scheduled feedback on the success of campaigns, CTR, conversion rate, etc. from our team. Lastly, we enhance your conversion rate and average CTR using destination testing and Ad split testing respectively.