E-Commerce SEO optimization: 10 tips to increase E-Commerce sites sale with less advertisement

Ecommerce SEO optimizationE-commerce or electronic commerce is an emerging trend in this technological and advanced era.  More people prefer to shop for their products and services by just sitting in their homes. E-commerce means when the commerce or purchase and sales of goods and services occur electronically or through the medium of the internet. The fame of online shopping is overgrowing, and in the pandemic situation of COVID-19, it is a safer way for customers to buy their products or services electronically. But multiple competitors are available at this platform, so you must adapt or follow optimum SEO strategies to boost an e-commerce website’s sales.

SEO E-Commerce or Search Engine Optimization electronic commerce is an effective way to enhance web traffic or sales by implementing the best SEO strategies. Better SEO practices ensure your brand’s popularity at online platforms, helps consumers make the right buying decision, and further share their experiences with friends and loved ones. Search Engine Optimization is the key to any electronic or online business’s success as it helps improve visibility, fetching more web traffic, increasing leads, boosting sales, and revenues. 

The promotion campaigns are a significant factor in increasing e-commerce site sales, but we will discuss the tips to boost e-commerce site sales with fewer advertisements in this article. 

Significant Recommendations to Increase E-commerce Website Sales

In today’s modern and technical advancement era, it becomes essential for business owners to follow unique strategies and plans to enhance web traffic, sales, and revenue of the site. Better SEO is the contending choice to implement for the success of the business. Let us discuss the essential SEO tips for e-commerce sites:


The SEO practices’ failure or success depends on the quality of keywords or phrases you selected for the website optimization. The businessperson’s primary and foremost goal is to remain at the top of the clients’ search results. The best keywords or phrases are the foundation of the organization. It would help if you used Google tools as follows to find the right keyword for the website:

  • Soovle Tool – drag advised keywords and phrases from diverse sources.
  • Jaaxy Tool – get thousands of keyword ideas within seconds.
  • Google Search Console – helps to find several “opportunity keywords.”
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer – helps to make smarter keyword decisions.
  • Google Keyword Planner – drag keywords from Google’s massive catalog
  • Keywords Everywhere – fetch more search traffic wherever you go.
  • SECockpit – searches keywords for SEO pros.
  • Moz Keyword Explorer – scrape keywords that will generate the most traffic.

These keyword tools provide a list of items or choices related to the product for which the users are searching your website. Among the list of related terms, pick the best that matches or meet the client’s requirements. The long-tail or relevant keywords are the significant factors for achieving more web traffic and boosting e-commerce site sales. 


Website OptimizationTo achieve more web traffic and e-commerce site sales, a business person must follow the optimum SEO practices and strategies. In the technological world, the users want to get the best possible results with just a click over your website’s link. So, to accomplish the needs of customers, every entrepreneur must hire or employ effective SEO strategies as follows:



Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

The title tags and meta descriptions must include the keyword to rank higher on different search engines. The engagement and readability of these elements encourage consumers to go through your website to search for the best products for satisfying their needs. An organization must focus on title tags and meta descriptions to get a higher ranking on SERPs.

Internal Linking

The internal linking on your website also enhances the visibility of your site to different users. It will help to connect the users for a long time with your website and make it convenient for search engines to rank your website at the top of search engines.

Rich Snippets

The rich snippets are helping the users to understand the information available on each page of your website. It will help in increasing the click-through rates of the website. The SEO practices mentioned above are explicitly assisting the business person in growing e-commerce site sales.

Know Your Market

On the E-Commerce platform, the business owner faces stiff competition from competing firms. It is indispensable to conduct market research to know potential customers, boost sales, and generate revenue for the website. Proper understanding of what your customers or users are searching for permitting you to create attractive and best content that motivates potential clients to become loyal customers.

The business person can ask the following questions from online customers to understand your market segment:
How long have you been a customer?
What issues products/services solve for you?
What issues do you face with products/services?
How would you rate your last experience with us?
How likely you recommend our product/service to friends?
What makes it better than the competitor’s solutions?
How well product/service meets your needs?

The information collected from these questions helps you develop robust SEO strategies relevant to the user’s searches. Optimized descriptions of products and services help get a higher ranking, more leads, or visibility that increase the organization’s sales.

Every business enterprise must devote its essential time and money efforts to perform successful market research. It will help you to stay over the competition and enhance your brand awareness to the clients. Conducting market research is the best strategy to improve the company’s sales and user experience for customers.


Ecommerce salesOnline visitors or window-shoppers spent more time searching for the best products and services to satisfy their needs. It will help them to convert into loyal customers from the potential customers of your website. The pro SEOs perform various functions to enhance web traffic and boost sales. One of them is Call to Action (CTA).

Call to Action or CTA is a tool created and used by Search Engine Optimization experts to promote an immediate response to the clients for their queries. In E-Commerce, CTA is a button or relevant link desired to improve the sales of the organization. This CTA button or link acknowledges the client to further make his search on the website successful. 

CTA button will help the clients write newsletters, choose a gateway to enter the website, add the product or service to their shopping cart, perform checkout, and complete the buying procedure. It is a creative option for the customers as they get a vast range of options to choose to proceed with the online purchase of goods and services from your website. The optimized content near your CTA button will enhance your website’s more conversions and increase the organization’s sales. 


Many marketing experts are claiming that using video demos on your website is beneficial to grow website sales. It is more useful for the clients and business owners to show the demo videos to purchase and sell goods as well as services. It appeals to a vast range of customers. The e-commerce websites must use unique and creative video strategies to enhance the potential conversion to the website. 

Using video demonstrations has the following benefits:

  • Explains the process of how to use the product to the clients.
  • Creates a story around your product.
  • Describes all the features and functions of goods and services.
  • Shows your work is in action.
  • Shares happy customer reviews with potential buyers.
  • Helps in comparing your work with competitors’ products.
  • Tells clients about your business goals and values.
  • Fulfills more confidence in potential customers. 
  • Drives benefits to the home for which you stand out.

The unique and attractive video demos create engagement and interest of your clients with your products and company. It helps to improve conversion by 85%. Video demos are a popular SEO tactic that pleases mobile users, increases sales, and reduces customer’s chances of returns. 


Ecommerce search engine OptimizationLocal SEO and mobile optimization are the recently emerging trends to enhance companies’ web traffic and sales, and both factors go hand in hand. Today’s users are conducting their search for products on their mobile devices. Mobile and local optimization fetch more traffic for your website and enhance sales. The navigation and user experience are the most crucial factors for the success of the website. 

Nowadays, online shoppers love to search for things from their smartphones rather than laptops or desktops, and they prefer local searches more to accomplish their needs. It would help if you prepared your web pages with adequate information about your products and services’ to make it more convenient for window shoppers. 

The optimized mobile sites have the following advantages:

  • Offers a better user experience.
  • Increases the average spending time of users on your website.
  • Helps in the loading website at a fast speed.
  • Offers a competitive advantage to the organization.


To engage or maintain the customers to your website is one of the best ways to increase e-commerce site sales. The journey of the client to buy a product from your e-commerce site will happen in the following manner:

Search through an URL/see an ad → view product page → see checkout → follow the checkout procedure

Providing frequent customer testimonials on your website will enhance the clients’ trust in your products, and they become more aware of your products and services. The testimonials boost the confidence of customers. The clients will buy only those products which seem beneficial for them and accomplish their necessities. Do not force customers to create accounts or purchase products and offer them the best payment security options. 

A businessperson must describe the whole products and services on the website to ensure an increment in e-commerce site sales. The customer would urge to buy products only when he is pleased with the products’ performance in the digital market and become aware of all the goods and services’ facts and features. 


Nowadays, the customers become aware of all the practices and features at the rapid pace online world. The clients love to buy the products only from those sites which respond to their queries quickly. The businesses must rank higher on the Search Engine Result Pages. The website with a significant page loading speed will rank higher on different search engines and improve its sales. 

If your site consumes more than 3 seconds to load a page, the customer will leave your site, which adversely affects sales. To enhance e-commerce site speed, SEOs can follow the following strategies:

  • Reduce the size of the pages
  • Minimize and combine files on the site
  • Lower the server response time
  • Select the right hosting choice
  • Conduct a compression audit of the site
  • Optimize image size and quality
  • Cut the number of plugins on your website
  • Monitor your site speed frequently
  • Monitor mobile page speed consistently as mobile searching is on the peak today


The category pages are bridging the gap between your homepage and product page. The functional, simple, and user-friendly category pages are the options where you narrow down clients’ choices and guide them to buy their desired products. The category pages should have the following features:

  • It must have user-friendly URLs that explain the category
  • A title which contains keywords and phrases related to the category
  • High-quality category or product images
  • Unique H1 tags
  • Simplified content which includes the information for category and interlinking strategies
  • The well-crafted description which offers relevant info to the clients
  • Features and facts to narrow down the choice of clients for desired products
  • Offers reviews, special deals, Call to Action buttons or links, etc.



The E-Commerce checkout process is helping the business to increase conversions and sales for the company. The checkout process includes the complicated process of gathering mailing addresses, confirming delivery sites, payment relating information, stock preparation, incentive deductions, bulletin delivery, and account for loyalty programs. The checkout process guides clients to check how many phases are remaining to complete the whole shopping process. 

The followings are the essential tips to enhance your checkout process for the website to increase e-commerce site sales:

  • Must include diverse checkout buttons
  • Secure your checkout process
  • A decline in the number of form areas
  • Provide a guest checkout option
  • Inform the clients about possible queries to proceed checkout process
  • Reduce the stages of the process
  • Offer PayPal integration
  • Provide Facebook incorporation



The selection of the best strategies and optimized tips are beneficial for increasing e-commerce site sales. Implementation of these tips depends upon the nature of your business’s business to make your SEO success. In growing and continuously developing an online marketing era, you must keep client’s needs and requirements at the top to terrifically boost your sales. 





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