11 Ways AI can help in SEO

AI SEOOver the years, search engines have accustomed the way they rank their search results. About a period ago, search results were most importantly based on the numbers of links pointing to a site and frequency of keywords appearing on the page. Like Google, the search engine realized that the digital marketing experts had taken advantage of this strategy and changed the algorithm to emphasize quality inbound links, valuable page content, and so many factors. Google frequently makes changes to the way they rank web pages. With RankBrain, AI, or Artificial Intelligenceit is becoming a gradually useful tool for the website’s better ranking.

“Artificial Intelligence or AI is the discipline of making machines and build programs and techniques to make human-level smart.”

AI SEO or Artificial Intelligence SEO or Machine Learning makes it easier for search engines to rank things like videos and images on search engines. By leveraging AI, Google can study human behavior and searcher interactions with the website and utilize these insights to adjust their rankings. AI can analyze the video, image, or clip’s content and insert it into relevant search results. Thanks to AI, as it makes it easier for Google to analyze the pictures and videos too with the text for most relevant results.

How AI will change SEO Practices

Artificial Intelligence or AI will change the Search Engine Practices in the following ways:

Firstly, it is not necessary to focus more on the keywords as in the past period. Sure, keywords are the essential component of SEO, but users usually do not care about the keywords.  They pursue the best possible result for their searches and not count the frequency of keywords appearing on your website. Artificial Intelligence focuses search results more on factors like user engagement.

Secondly, an SEO strategy is now more focused on the quality of the content. Anything a website is producing should provide a sort of value to the customers or users. Not the lengthy articles published every week impact the user experience. Even the short blog posts addressing the problem or replying to the queries can provide plenty of value to users. Creating high-quality videos and images also recommended improving the breadth and reach of your brand’s search existence.

Artificial Intelligence delivers a positive impact on SEO. With AI, organizations can enhance the performance, accuracy, and efficiency of the Search Engine Optimization strategies, and it serves as a supporting tool for SEO.

The Upsurge of Artificial Intelligence or AI

Machin learning in SEOOver the past period, there is tremendous growth around AI or Artificial Intelligence. Machines are becoming smarter than ever. Voice Assistant is an excellent example as many users have at least one device with a built-in voice assistant. Millions of people now use their voice to conduct searches, ask the weather, play a song, play games, or order products with Google, Apple’s Siri, or Amazon’s Alexa. These voice assistants prepare with AI, which uses machine-learning over a period to offer the best possible search results.

What is modern-day AI SEO?

Artificial Intelligence is the next frontier of digital marketing. The concept of AI refers to techniques that seek to mimic human Intelligence. It includes a diversity of things such as image recognition, voice assistant, semantic searching, and machine learning. The most prominent factor in understanding AI is that it is a continually evolving system developed to identify, sort, and represent the most likely data to match the users’ needs at a specific time, based on many variables.

11 ways to AI can help Search Engine Optimization

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a popular component or tool for the success of Search Engine Optimization practices. AI now entered every domain and is playing a significant role. Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence helps determine how a search engine assesses and ranks the web pages on the website. The following are the ways by which AI can help SEO to grow and expand in digital marketing:

Text and Voice Search in AI SEO

Search engines like Google trust in Artificial Intelligence to provide relevant and reliable results to users’ search queries. Search Engines use classy AI, in-depth learning, and machine learning to proceed searches, then forecast which effect will satisfy users’ questions. As the voice search’s popularity endures to rise, it is more important than ever to have a fully optimized website to get results.

It means, whether you consider Artificial Intelligence or not, the technology has a powerful impact on how your content ranks and your product gets found by users. It also explains how search engines sort and read the content on your website. The voice search is becoming more prevalent as it relies on AI technologies such as natural language generation and processing to function. AI in voice recognition and image classification software is becoming a popular way of integrating machine language into search engine algorithms.

Topic Research, Keyword Discovery, Content Optimization

Search Engine Optimization experts use AI to extract topics from search data so that you can see what other sites are doing to appear first in search ranking around any given search query. Artificial Intelligence tools are useful in finding out the patterns in large data sets, involving data on search volume. AI helps to analyze top-ranking content and understand what makes it successful.

AI insights uncover the search intent, topic discovery, keyword search, and content optimization. It helps you deliver more relevant and reliable content for everyone and the various phases of a user’s search process. Creating content for your website is the main thing, but Artificial Intelligence helps you optimize your existing content to better rank for queries or questions. Artificial Intelligence tools like MarketMuse, BrightEdge offer suggestions on how existing content optimizes to gain higher ranking on the website. These tools show the relevancy of Artificial Intelligence.

Local Search

SEO professionals know the importance of local Search Engine Optimization to rank on the search engine’s first page like Google. Artificial Intelligence is incredible at offering outstanding solutions for this kind of necessity of Search Engine Optimization practices. SEO companies utilize AI into their marketing plan, specifical businesses with a physical location. They perform the following rules to make local SEO successful:

  • Create a Google My Business Listing
  • Make sure your NAP is reliable across all stages
  • Use Geotags to share your site with search engines
  • Use Schema Markups
  • Submit your website to local directories
  • Use a Google Map on your website
  • Optimize your site and meta tags for local keywords
  • If you have several locations, create an individual web page for each location
  • Update your company’s social media profiles with your location
  • Gather as many reviews from users and clients as possible

Topic Cluster and Pillar Page Creation

Artificial Intelligence is deployed to streamline creating pillar pages and topic clusters, as it is an effective strategy that helps brands by producing content for the given category. HubSpot, a tool of AI, offers AI-powered capabilities as part of its marketing automation stage. It is a sophisticated machine learning used to understand the themes that search engines associate with your content and suggest building a perfect pillar plan to capture search traffic.

Pillar Pages essentially form the overview topic to cover. These pages answer the main questions that your site visitors will have about your business. Topic Cluster is the pages that link to the pillar pages and take the form of any content, blogs, and videos. They provide the detail using the SEO terms you recognized for your website. These help in the following ways:

  • Enhance your site’s architecture
  • Make it modest for search engines to discover related content
  • Build trust and strong leadership
  • Create a better user experience
  • Boost search engine visibility


Artificial Intelligence SEOHyper-personalization helps you to develop a strong relationship with customers. Clients enjoy that you understand their unique needs and concerns, and thoroughly knowing the clients assist you in delivering a better experience that creates more web traffic. The use of AI in hyper-personalization lets you create and adjust clients’ profiles in real-time. AI algorithms can readjust interactive data incrementally based on each new contact, building marketing campaigns progressively smarter as they roll out across more clients and channels.

Machine Learning and AI help you reliably forecast user combat, making it possible for ranking, and invest in campaigns based on hard data. The growth of AI-based hyper-personalization enhances the competitiveness of brands and is changing the client’s expectations. As AI technologies become more readily accessible, it is easier to integrate Artificial Intelligence tools into websites. Knowing in advance what type of customers will react to which kind of message, at what time, and what chance of conversion takes the campaign to a different level.

Smart Content

The ideal description of the content that feeds an Artificial Intelligence is smart content. The intelligent content is:

  • Content that uses terminology continually and adheres to a well-defined terminology hierarchy
  • It should be flexible and componentized rather than large, massive document
  • Content modules of the same kind that frequently ordered from one copy to another
  • which described robust metadata that explain the context for which the content is useful

Smart content starts to reveal its power when it uses AI-powered automation to optimize for adaptations in real-time. Classy AI or Machine Learning means that your content can optimize itself mechanically with each user search, learning from each previous user’s movements.

Improves Brand Visibility and Business Productivity

When AI appropriately implements on your website, it helps you locate at the top of different browsers’ search engine pages. AI for SEO experts assist in achieving a top-ranking and make your business more productive. Users only recognize the ranked companies on the first page of the search engine. It means the higher your business ranked, the higher the chance of fetching internet users’ attention.

Today, Artificial Intelligence is playing a significant role in helping your website get a striking ranking. AI enables you to understand what the search engine is and the internet users expect from you or your business.  Artificial Intelligence in SEO builds your brand visibility on the internet and your business growth at another level.

Creates Strong Analytics and Reporting

Artificial Intelligence SEO makes your work more accessible as a business owner as it assists you check your business visibility progress on the internet. AI provides you with precise analytics and reports to develop an appropriate strategy to improve your online command. Artificial Intelligence analytics and reports help you in the following manner:

  • Assists you in collecting critical, insightful data about your searchers
  • Helps in replying to various queries and values
  • It generates accurate, custom reports and tracks your web pages and content progress
  • Measuring your app or web traffic
  • Develops buyer personas based on user’s activities

Shapes Your Business Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence SEO will change the procedure you handle your digital marketing. The reports generated by the AI for SEO tools enable you to accept a data-based strategy in marketing your products. AI SEO has transformed online marketing by letting you to:

  • Use the AMP to minimize your website loading time, which enhance your ranking on search engine like Google
  • Predict your customers and web visitor’s purchasing behavior, which you can use to increase your sales
  • Link all sub-content nodes to the central pillar content, that enhance your performance and ranking
  • Provide your clients with personalized user experience through chatbots, micro-interactions, and managing push notifications

Develop High-Quality Content

Nowadays, internet users search for exact and relevant results on different search engines. However, the search engine looks for the most appropriate website that uses the same keyword or sentences and lists them. Like Google, the search engine will directly answer if any indexed websites reply to the same question.

Artificial Intelligence SEO helps your business to earn website traffic and win the ranking race. It allows internet users to get the most relevant results when searching for anything on a search engine.

Optimize your content strategy

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning technology is improving day-by-day due to technical research and advancements globally. It is assisting various search engines in understanding different contents from visual to audios. Many web browsers perform searches using voice commands and understand pictures and videos all about it.

This drift is now forcing businesses to develop a diverse content strategy to ensure that users get the intended messages that integrate better with visual and voice searches. AI SEO helps you show the areas to focus on content terms, among other significant SEO factors.




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