10 Vital Factors for Best SEO for eCommerce Sites

SEO for ecommerce sitesSEO or Search Engine Optimization integrates various SEO factors to ensure the enhanced and improved ranking of any website on multiple SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. These days SEO is an imperative source for the success of any website or any business sector. It ensures the web site’s performance at various platforms to get more web traffic, enhanced sales and increased revenue. The SEOs can perform its functions with the help of two kinds of the following SEO strategies:

On-Page SEO: By On-Page SEO, we mean when SEO changes or strategies followed by SEO professional in his website improve its ranking as the content or image optimization.

Off-Page SEO: By Off-Page SEO means the implementation of SEO strategies outside the website to generate more visibility and trustworthiness of the website to the online searchers.

In simple words, eCommerce means the process of buying, selling, exchanges, and cash receipt or payment for products and services through an electronic medium. It is the much-preferred mode of performing various business transactions by the online searchers. For this process, the eCommerce platforms offer a digital or online forum or address to its clients, known as an eCommerce site.

Search Engine Optimization plays a dynamic role in the success of an eCommerce platform or an eCommerce website. SEOs follow appropriate strategies and multiple factors to ensure the overall growth, development, and higher ranking of the eCommerce websites at the numerous SERPs of search engines.


SEO follows rapidly changing factors to make sure success for various websites or online stores. All business organizations have to implement or follow up on these factors to get a higher ranking on search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc. Professionally optimized and SEO organized websites get more site traffic, increased leads, extended conversion rate, more sales, and revenue. Here is a list of various factors responsible for the best SEO for eCommerce sites:


A better user experience means more sales and a more significant number of happy and loyal customers to the eCommerce website. An eCommerce website must ensure its visibility and accessibility on all devices such as mobiles, smartphones, desktops, etc., and help gets much web traffic, more conversions, sales, and revenue for the website. SEO experts make relevant changes to the site to make it more striking and useful for online searchers.

Better user experience helps to make a comfortable search experience for the clients to get the product they are searching for and enhance the probability of buying. If an eCommerce website offers a pleasant shopping experience to the searcher, they become loyal or repetitive buyers for the store. Following are the unified ways to ensure a better user experience:

  • Offer personalized and customized product and service recommendations to the users
  • Make an organized and more accessible navigation experience
  • Frequently get feedback from the customers
  • Provide excellent offer to ‘add to cart’ option
  • Generate an omnichannel shopping experience
  • Follow up a consistent and straightforward checkout process
  • Build trust with transparency, relevancy, and reliability


An eCommerce website must have an Authority, friendly-URL, and appropriate Domain Name. These factors will help in the understandability of your website by the target online searchers. You must pay attention while selecting the domain name, URL, and eCommerce website’s authority to create trustworthiness and reliability to the customers. The combination of these trios helps in getting more web traffic, leads, conversions, and sales.

Following are the effective ways to enhance these trios for an eCommerce website:

  • Generate better homepage links on the website
  • Frequently perform a site audit to remove toxic or harmful links
  • Create a robust linking strategy to enhance the overall performance of the site
  • Generate an optimized linkable content for the website
  • Utilize social media strategies to boost your online presence
  • Regularly update and provide fresh content for the website
  • Build and maintain a healthy link profile of the website
  • Be patient about your results for the website


A secure, responsive, and accessible website design offers an excellent user experience to the clients. These sites are trustworthy, reliable, and relevant information for the searchers to get what they are looking for. Create share-worthy content across all pages of your website to encourage individuals to share it with others.

An eCommerce website should respond to each device, whether mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet. Nowadays, most searchers use mobile devices to handle search queries for products and services. A secure, responsive, and accessible website provides them the perfect way to perform their shopping stress-free. The following are the benefits of a responsive website:

  • Improves the user experience
  • Brings more web traffic to the site
  • Offers faster website development
  • Ensures an easier maintenance
  • Does not charge any duplicate content penalty
  • Reduces the bounce rates
  • Provides better links from outsiders or guest bloggers



Content optimization or optimized content is the best tool to ensure your eCommerce website’s stable and continuous success to attain a higher ranking on the search engine result pages. In today’s era of competition, every eCommerce website needs to build trust among online visitors by offering them high-quality products at affordable price ranges. Content optimization is the best strategy to attain the eCommerce website’s goals, and providing fresh and updated content is the best option. It helps in achieving the following purposes:

  • Enables the website to rank on SERPs
  • Helps to offer knowledge to clients about products and services
  • Drives social engagement for the eCommerce website
  • Generates more leads for the business
  • Aids to earn links on the website

The optimized content has the below-listed essential elements:

  • Semantically-related keywords
  • Optimized image and video tags
  • Tailored header tags
  • Mobile-first web design layout
  • Internal and outbound links
  • Optimum site speed
  • Social sharing buttons


The eCommerce website links are the positive ranking signal for it to carry more traffic to the site. By links on the website, we mean those elements that show the dimensions, topic relevance, trustworthiness, authoritativeness, and value of an eCommerce site’s web page. The links are mainly of three types:

  • Inbound Links – Inbound Links mean the links from other sites to your business website and refers to backlinks. When other sites resend links to our eCommerce website, it is called inbound links to the website. It must be clickable so that they send positive signals to the website.
  • Outbound Links – Outbound Links mean linking our site to another site. It is valuable as they indicate that you are going out of the way to create high-quality and meaningful content for the website. It shows your content is relevant, trustworthy, credible, high-quality, and high-value.
  • Internal Links – Internal Links mean the links that are present on another webpage of the same website. Internal links on the site ensure the navigation, ranking order, and link equity of an eCommerce website.


The performance of an eCommerce website is incomplete without social signals. Social signals mean the total share, links, and overall presence of an eCommerce website over the social media platform. Advanced and the latest social media platforms assist eCommerce sites in their marketing process and enhance the position at multiple Search Engine Result Pages. Becoming famous is a paramount goal of any online business, and it is only possible with the widespread of your website on different social media platforms.

Social Signal is a vital factor for best SEO for eCommerce sites in the following ways:

  • Indicates a robust reputation of your eCommerce website
  • Determines what is best for online users
  • It is a trustworthy source for clients
  • Represents that more social presence means more brand loyalty

The below-listed are ways to enhance social media presence:

  • Creation of social media sites
  • Become the destination for social media engagement
  • Include social media share buttons on the website
  • Create a valuable content
  • Stay active on the social media platform


Technical SEO is a vital factor for the best SEO for eCommerce sites. By technical SEO, we mean those SEO strategies which help in the website designing and creation. It focuses on elements of your eCommerce website to get a higher ranking on search engines. In technical SEO, we perform the best strategies apart from the website’s content, and it offers a storing base for the content for its relevant keywords and phrases.

The following are the technical SEO tips which are helpful for an eCommerce site:

  • Ensures the mobile-friendliness of the website
  • Optimize the XML sitemap
  • Enhance the website loading speed
  • Fix your broken links and errors with frequent technical SEO audits
  • Optimize internal links
  • Involve the right keyword in the image alt text
  • Utilize canonical tags to remove duplicate content
  • Ensure your website has an SSL certificate
  • Fix the crawl errors in Google Search Console


Mobile-friendliness is one of the vital factors of SEO for eCommerce sites. As eCommerce is in a growing phase, the customers prefer mobile devices for their searches. Mobile-friendliness of your website helps online searchers to find the best they are looking for fulfilling their needs. Here are some general mobile design guidelines for the eCommerce website:

  • Ensure the appropriate readable text
  • Offer instant scrolling to the top of the webpage
  • Enrich your website with optimized category pages
  • Remove the unnecessary pop-ups
  • Avail of the shopping cart, search feature, and CTA buttons on each webpage
  • Offer enough space between the layout blocks
  • Reduce the page loading speed
  • Deliver the product view history on every page

Search engines like Google also recommend or bring the sites at the top of SERPs with the mobile-friendliness feature. These sites include accessible menus for easy navigation. The mobile-friendly eCommerce website has multiple elements for navigation, design, layout for enhancing user experience.


Ecommerce sites SEOPage speed plays a significant role in a successful eCommerce website. The searchers are annoyed when a website takes more than 3 to 4 seconds to load a single page as it leaves a wrong impression of your website on them, and they switch to another one. The following is the list of enhancing page speed for eCommerce website:

  • Frequently investigate poor performance
  • Change your hosting options to improve the speed
  • Utilize the content delivery network
  • Set the limit for the page size
  • Lower the HTTPS requests
  • Regularly oversee website performance
  • Revise third-party extensions
  • Compact your JavaScript
  • Optimize your Cascading Style Sheets
  • Avoid redirects
  • Use fewer round trips
  • Optimize platform configuration
  • Monitor site speed

Page speed means the time taken by your site on devices like desktop, mobile, tablets, smartphones, etc. Optimized website speed results in a higher ranking and more sales of the eCommerce website.


A major factor of best SEO for eCommerce sites, Web Analytics, provides a fast and precise result to those searching your eCommerce website to make it growing and effective. It plays a diagnostic tool that helps understand prospects’ behavior, please the customers by offering them what they require, and getting higher profit margins. Web Analytics provides the following advantages to the eCommerce website:

  • Makes a robust supply chain for clients
  • Evaluate the website to detect fraudulent activities
  • Provide the product info available in the store to the searchers
  • Give personalize recommendations
  • Forecast inventory for the next session
  • Evaluate your marketing
  • Offers a personalized shopping experience to clients
  • Helps in the product price optimization
  • Enables you to know your customers better


The above-discussed ten vital factors for best SEO for eCommerce websites are the essence of any eCommerce site. These factors help to get more traffic, leads, conversion rates, sales, and revenue. It also assists in top-ranking the keywords of the eCommerce website on various search engines.




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