10 Tips to Plan Your SEO Strategy for 2021

SEO strategy for 2021Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the practice of improving the quantity and quality of your web traffic and exposure to your brand through organic search results. It means the process of optimizing web pages and their content easily discoverable by the users for relevant keywords of your website is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the only online marketing channel that can provide benefits for the long term.

SEO or Search Engine Optimizers, are the people who optimize the website to show at the top of the different search engines and gain more web traffic. An SEO is a highly experienced content strategist who helps a business to discover new opportunities to answer questions users have about your business through search engines. There are the following three types of SEO activities focused by SEOs:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

SEO Strategy is the practice of organizing web content by topic, which helps search engines such as Google understand its intent while searching your website. In other words, it is the system of planning, outlining, and implementing steps to improve the ranking of the website on search engines.

Most of the companies expect an SEO Strategy before the commencement of the new fiscal year. This strategy communicates to the key stakeholders who tend to show their consent in SEO for the company. Once the plan is accepted by all involved, it performs as a reference source throughout the year as SEOs have to report progress and KPIs to boost revenue, increase team efficiency, or other metrics everyone agreed on.

Planning SEO Strategy for 2021 of your business

Your SEO Strategy for business should reflect all of the latest trends as Google is frequently updating and improving its search results based on the user’s intent. Following is the list of recommendations required for outlining the SEO strategy for the business:

Technical Foundation of SEO

The technical foundation of SEO factors are essential to see any positive movement in SEO ranking. Without completing these efforts, you will notice a negative or decrease in the rank of the website. In this, we focus on the following components:

Google Search Console and Bing Reported Issues

All issues like crawl rate, soft 404, AMP issues, 505 issues, structured data issues must be checked and addressed frequently.

Crawl Reports: Content and Bug Fixes

Issues like canonical issues, similar or duplicate content, internal linking issues, non-compliant URLs are bugs for the website and must frequently be fixed to enhance visibility.

Page Speed Improvements 

Page speed is also vital to enhance conversion rates on the website in SEO strategy for 2021. If your organization has a conversion optimization or user experience team, this is a beneficial opportunity to contact additional units by fixing your page speed.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

If your company does not have AMPs, then it is time to set or create these for your website, but if you have AMPs, you need to update them frequently to gain higher ranking.

SEO Growth Projects

Understand the latest trends, keywords searching, and new business opportunities by your target audience are the key to your business’s success. Deciding long-term strategies that focus on potential growth shows that your SEO strategy for 2021 positively impacts your organization. It involves the following:

Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization is mandatory for the following purposes:

  • Pages with high ranking and impressions are on the second page of the search engine.
  • Phrases for that, you get higher rankings with high search volume, but the page is not monetizing it well.

New Keyword Search Trends

Grab the opportunity of having top rankings by setting a new strategy around new options that kept you over the competition. Recent keyword search trends enhance the order.

Discovery Optimization

Optimize discovery by users on your website to improve the ranking as keyword discovery plays a vital role in search.

Answer Box Opportunities

Answer boxes proved as profitable in SEO strategy for 2021. To win the SEO game, optimizing these options is essential.

Neural Matching Optimization

Neural Matching Optimization is an updated Google Algorithm as it focuses more on the user intent. It helps in optimizing a page for a keyword. It has the following features:

Content Adjustments

Take a glance at the pages that perform well in the ranking, impressions, and income and update those pages to ensure their long-term performance.

New Content Synonyms and Internal Linking Strategy

Write new articles and blogs on your website. Set internal linking to those pages to keep yourself at the top of search results. The adaption of this strategy saves you over the competition prevalent in digital marketing.

Cross-Organization Communication

The cross-organization communication of the enterprise with the SEO company will enhance or improve the website’s ranking. It will guarantee support, and work will complete within a year. It happened in the following ways:

SME Communication

Communication with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within each team makes your life more comfortable in the long run. If you do not have these professionals, create a strategy to hire them for the enterprise.

Engineering Communication

Communication with engineering holds the key to success, and a strong relationship with them enhances your team’s capability to perform well in the ranking of the website.

Stakeholders Communication

Key stakeholders and executives across the organization help in prioritizing SEO at the enterprise level. Keep your communication flow to ensure the performance of SEO for the Site and the organization’s growth.

Team and Tools

Creating a good SEO team with roles and responsibilities, consultants to assist them in work, and the latest tools will improve the organization’s better performance.

Agency Consultants

Starting the SEO strategy with a professional agency consultant helps your website or organization over the competition and improve ranking.

Team Additions

The SEOs will work for your organization throughout the year. Hence, make an addition to the SEO team to ensure the overall better performance of their work.


Reporting and Crawl tools support in team efficiency and improve the position of the enterprise.

Tips to formulate SEO Strategy for 2021

With most of the peoples working from home and turning to Google for search queries, it is more critical for businesses to make information available that helps customers as they search for purchases and needs. Search Engine Optimization is the best procedure to get the information your organization has into searching users. The following are the essential tips to keep in mind while creating an SEO Strategy for 2021:

Perform Local Keyword Search

The keywords and phrases are the necessary foundation of Search Engine Optimization practices. To rank top in Google for local searches, you must first figure out what people are searching for to find your business in the first place. Check your Google Analytics and to perceive how people are searching your website online. Once your website grades on the first page of Google or different search engines, you can now optimize your website and blog for other related inquiries. Google currently employs a more local-oriented approach that favors business with local directory listings close to the person searching.

Choose the Right URL Structure

The right structured URL is a significant part of SEO strategy for 2021. Following is the list of specific rules we can follow to get the most out of our URLs and set up our sites for future SEO success:

  • Use your keywords in the URLs
  • Build a sound structure for the future
  • Avoid unnecessary characters and words
  • Minimize dynamic URL strings
  • Consolidate the different versions of your website
  • Make correct use of canonical tags
  • Incorporate topical authority
  • Create an XML sitemap

The essential features of the URL are as follows:

  • Easy-to-read
  • Keyword-rich
  • Static
  • Consistent
  • Comprehensive
  • Supported by data
  • Submitted to search engines

Use the Hreflang Attribute in your Code

The Hreflang Attribute tells Google which language you are using on a specific page so that the search engine can serve the search results to users in that particular language. Hreflang Attribute may not help you enhance website traffic, but the motive to use them is to provide the right content to the right users. They allow the search engine to swap the correct version of the page into SERP based on its location and preferred languages. It is a tool to show which of the different pages should show up in the search queries.

Research Conducts to Rank in Local Search Engines

For the SEO practices’ triumph, you must research different ways and tactics in local search engines. The following is some fundamental ways to enhance the rank of the website:

Priority to Link-Building

When it comes to OK search engine rankings, you need to attract links from trustworthy and reliable sites and connect to webmasters, bloggers, publishers to get your content some press. It helps people discover your business and enhance your ranking.

Write SEO-Friendly and Skyscraper content

Content is the foundation for improving search engine rankings. You can improve your rankings by writing SEO-friendly and Skyscraper content as it serves as the complete guide to the users.

Create Responsive Sites

A responsive site permits your website to adapt to any user’s device automatically. Whether searching your website on a laptop, smartphone, or desktop, they can read and navigate your website with zero issues.

Make the best use of CTR in Search Results

You can improve your rankings by boosting your CTR or Click-Through rate. It describes the percentage of users that see your website in search results and click on it.

Use SEO-Friendly Videos and Images

You can upload images and videos that match the requirements of the SEO. Use media which should adhere to the standards of the Search Engine Optimization process.

Generate Links from and to Local Searches

Creating or generating links is the most crucial aspect of the success of Search Engine Optimization. If you succeed to earn links to your internationalized content from local searches, you will become more visible and trustworthy to the new audience. Along with this, search engines also like to see a diverse link profile on your website.

Consider Culture, Customs, and Currency

Take customs, currency, and culture into consideration to enhance the ranking of your website. Invest some time in investigating your target countries’ or customers’ cultures and customs. It will help in selling your products and services locally and globally. It would be best to make the only variance to have your website, blog, and other content in that happy customer’s native language. Google pays more attention to the sites that opted to change the language on their websites.

Do not use Flags as a Substitute for Languages

Flags are not a language and cannot be used as a substitute for language on the website. It is because, in a particular country, multilingual people reside, and it is not easy for them to search a website with the help of the flag. Or, if your Site is multilingual, you should not use banners to represent languages. Besides it, use the name of the language written in the local language.

Beware of Using Machine Translation

Using machine-translated content in your website can harm your ranking. Google does not like tools like Google Translate. If Google found poorly translated content or content run through a free translation tool, it will penalize the sites’ ranking and make it less likely to the people you are trying to reach. Use a professionalized translation team to prevent SEO penalties and connect to multi-lingual customers.

Avoid Auto-Redirect to a Translated Version of your Site

Google advises that relying on visitor’s IP addresses to auto-redirect them to a particular version of your website is a bad idea. IP analysis is not a reliable method as search engines may not crawl all your site versions and fail to direct your visitors appropriately. The following things go wrong with this action:

  • IP detection and location determination can inaccurate
  • Some countries are multilingual
  • Redirecting ads to page loading time

Avoid using the “One Site Layout and UX for all” Strategy

The perceptions of the audience differ from each other. The user experience is a critical factor for ranking and also for the SEO strategy. Consider your Site’s layout in the account before you release a translated version. Along with researching other sites for preferences as it will help your audience. Avoid one site layout and UX for all the clients.




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